The concept of adapting is something I have found to be constant through the journey as a student, young designer, and person. Through the development of a modular typeface lending itself to build an open, adaptable branding system, we were able to brand our show across different media such as a website, book, social media, and more. This poster was designed for our annual Senior Exhibition show, voted on by students and faculty. 

14.75” x 28.75” Printed Poster

Poster Process:

Final Typeface:

Typeface Inspiration:

Josef Alber’s Stencil Type (as shown below), or Schabloneneschrift alphabets developed around 1926, has always inspired me in the way that he was able to build a system through a few shapes. When describing the typeface in one of his essays, he stated that it “is an attempt to shape in a standardized way the typeface in its relationship to its individual elements and in various typefaces' relationship to one another.” I wanted to build off these ideals as I found it relates to adaptation and the idea of constantly evolving and changing to various situations.

Typeface Process: