Hi, I’m Amanda,  I’m pursuing a B.S.D. in Visual Communication (Graphic) Design, a minor in Asian Pacific American Studies, and a certificate in Sales and Marketing at Arizona State University. I am also the president of AIGA ASU and a sister of Alpha Phi Gamma, a national Asian-interest sorority.

I’m an Asian American woman.Obvious? Maybe. I am a proud Filipina American. The stories of my family inspire me, knowing they are the reason I am able to pursue design. They are why I am in APA studies and participate in ASU Asian clubs. Their stories fuel me to be a voice for other Asian Americans.

I’m a nerd.
No shame, I WILL be the person to point out awkward alignment on a menu. Or stress looking at how type is scaled on a fire extinguisher sign. My education and  appreciation for design has made me fall in love with the world. I’m cheesy but so passionate about what I do.


In 2016, I was in Flume’s top 5% of listeners based on Spotify and got a free signed poster.

I was in Girl Scouts for 13 years during which I sold 1200+ boxes of cookies for two consecutive years, received the three highest awards, and traveled to Costa Rica to volunteer.

I have never seen Mean Girls. Or Titanic. Or She’s The Man. As well as many other classics that I would rather not name in case that prevents you from hiring me.


Wait... that’s it? Nope, peep my INSTAGRAM